My name is Scott Hamilton.

I’m the NDP Candidate running in Cambridge,
North Dumfries, and North Brant.

I believe our democracy works best when people choose the best local candidate to represent them.

We need someone who understands the issues that are affecting us here at home, and is willing to work across party lines to see them addressed.

For decades, we’ve seen where the Liberals and Conservatives lead us. At doorsteps across our region, I’m hearing anger and frustration about politics today. Our residents agree that we need something new.

No party has a monopoly on truth or good ideas. Democracy works when we elect our best local representative. It doesn’t work when our leaders take all their orders from Ottawa.

From increasing income inequality, to homelessness and the opioid crisis, to ongoing climate change, we need expertise, energy, and a strong political will to confront these new crises together.

Cambridge, North Dumfries, and North Brant are where my family and I want to raise our young family. It is our home. We need new leadership that places our leadership ahead of party lines. I am ready to be that leader.

I’ve been knocking on doors throughout our riding for the past few months.

So far I’ve taken over 600,000 individual steps in my effort to meet voters in Cambridge, North Dumfries, and North Brant.

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I respect those who hold different viewpoints. They are my friends and neighbours! I welcome their ideas and support. I believe in listening, open dialogue, and working together to find meaningful solutions to the tough problems affecting all of us.

I am determined to bring dignity and respect to the political process; to be a champion for job security for youth, millennials, and seniors; to be a strong voice on climate change, environmental protection, healthcare, and sustainable economic development.

During my campaign, I have been running a listening tour, meeting experts, workers, and members of the public throughout our riding.

To date, there have been 35 stops on my listening tour, with more on the way.

Check them out here.

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