Listening Tour: Cambridge Jaguars

Today’s stop on Scott’s Cambridge Listening Tour: our riding’s legendary cricket team, the Cambridge Jaguars!

The Jaguars are currently placed #2 in their Eastern Division in the Ontario Round Arm Softball Cricket League. In 2017, they captured the East Zone championship and made Cambridge proud!

Cricket was first played in England in 16th century, and today has grown into one of the most popular sports in the world, with over millions of fans and players.

This weekend I had the opportunity to try playing some cricket with our legendary hometown heroes, the Cambridge Jaguars.

Here is my conversation with Sunil Sankar of the Jaguars. Thank you Sunil, and the Jaguars, for your time, and for the bowling and batting practice!


1) Tell me about the game of cricket.

I love it. It’s an amazing sport. It was spread throughout the world during the days of British colonialism and trade, and now it’s played by millions of people worldwide.

So it’s now a very multi-cultural sport, with teams across the world, and it’s continuing to grow and expand worldwide. It’s growing fast in Canada, too! There’s always an intensity and excitement to the game that people love.

Cricket teaches sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, and fast hand-eye coordination. But most of all, it’s about teamwork, friendship, and community. That’s why we’re all out here today!

2) Tell me about your team, the Cambridge Jaguars.

We’re the only team from the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge area, and we’re now in a Toronto-basaed league. So we have 20 teams from T.O. travelling down to Cambridge all the time to play us! And they like Cambridge: our open air, the feel of the community.

Frequently, we’re off to play in Toronto, representing Cambridge there too.

This season, we’re currently ranked second place in our division, and we even won the championship back in 2017.

Playoffs start soon, so we welcome new fans coming out to watch us!

3) How did cricket find a home in Cambridge?

We used to be a casual group of friends and community members coming together to play in parks. The cricket grounds were built on Dunbar rd. backing in 1996, and that allowed us to come together, and to form an official team. It also allowed lots of kids to come out and play, and really get excited about the game.

With cricket, if you build the facilities you will get the players out no problem! You don’t always need 20 guys for a game. If the grounds and equipment are there, 3 players can practice together. All you need is a net!

4) What do you need from the government or your representatives to help your team, and the game, thrive in Cambridge?

We need grounds and facilities, and it will make a huge impact.

Facilities help us to play cricket the way the game is meant to be played! And it doesn’t take much. 3 to 6 new nets, for example – the nets are 6ft. wide by 20 feet long – these would make a huge impact on a lot of residents in our community. Placing something like this, perhaps even with artificial matting, somewhere like Dunbar rd. or Riverside Park, with a floodlight so people can play at night? It would make a huge impact across our community, and for all ages.

If the facilities are provided, we’re going to play. Word gets around, and these facilities are used!

5) What message do you have for Cambridge residents?

Come and check us out, and come and try playing cricket.

We’re open to anyone, and you can check us out online ( or on Facebook, at: Cambridge Jaguars.

Importantly, we want to promote the game for everyone. For kids, it’s fun, and it teaches discipline and provides exercise. But for everyone and all ages, it’s a social sport. Playing cricket, you elevate yourself, your friends, and your country.

Canada’s now part of the cricket world cup, and it’s a growing sport here now! So I hope everyone checks out the Cambridge Jaguars, and gives cricket a try!

Cricket Ontario