Listening Tour: Ontario Federation of Labour

I’ve been door-knocking in Cambridge every day.

Recently, I took time to door-knock for the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL)‘s ‘Power of Many’ campaign, to fight against the regressive and frightening cuts being made by the Ontario Conservative Government against education, healthcare, municipalities, arts and culture, and social services, in our province.

Actions of the Ford PC government are a window into what a federal Conservative government under Andrew Scheer would look like. (Likely why the ON Government has now ‘taken a break’ until 28 October due to the controversy it’s created, returning to action only 1 week after the Federal election… Coincidence? Hmmm…)

This PC government has:

– Cancelled 758 renewable energy projects.
– Cancelled the Cap and Trade program (with a loss of $3 billion over 4 years, plus $600 million in wind-down costs, plus $5 million in compensation to others). 
– Increased school classroom sizes from grades 4 through 8, and into high school.
– Cut thousands of jobs for teachers and others the education sector, such as EAs and educators helping kids with special needs.
– Cancelled university expansions, failed to adequately fund universities, reduced non-repayable grants for students and cancelled the 6-month interest-free period on student loans. 
– Limited access to programs for kids with autism and special needs.
– Cut mental health funding.
– Restricted access to pharmacare for young people, hitting families the hardest.
– Cut $5 million from the base funding of the Ontario Arts Council
– Cut the Indigenous Culture Fund, a $5 million program set up in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
– And unfortunately, so much else…

If we want a great Cambridge and Canada, then investments in education, healthcare, social services, small businesses, environmental and climate protection, arts and culture…. These all create stronger, healthier (mentally and physically), smarter, more creative and productive members of a thriving and inclusive community.

Talk to friends and neighbours about how devastating these PC cuts are — especially for those most vulnerable and most in need — and never give up trying to do the right thing.

Let’s be good to one another.