Solutions for Cambridge, North Dumfries, and North Brant

From students, seniors, and teachers, to nurses, entrepreneurs and workers, Scott Hamilton is listening to Cambridge, and what he’s hearing is loud and clear.

People are frustrated with broken promises, climate inaction, and an economic system that has left them behind.

Together, we can do better.

A Plan for Our Community.

We’ve all witnessed the harm caused by addiction, homelessness, and mental health issues in our community. In Parliament, Scott will champion a national strategy on these complex issues.

Anyone who tells you there is a simple solution to this problem is trying to sell you something. Scott believes that the best way to deal with these thorny issues is to address them holistically, from many directions.

  • Implement Universal Healthcare, including Pharmacare, Denticare, and Mental Health Care.
  • Support a national strategy providing care and treatment for Addiction and the Opioid Crisis.
  • Demand an effective Affordable Housing Strategy that will tackle homelessness, poverty, and housing shortages at the source.

The NDP will institute a 1% super-wealth tax on wealth evaluated over $20 million, generating over $70 billion over the next decade, while also closing tax loopholes in order to generate an additional $14 billion in annual revenue.

Our Green New Deal.

It’s clear that we need to face the Climate Crisis head-on, and quickly. it is time we mobilize our community.

With his willingness to listen to both residents, experts, and scientists, Scott is prepared to lead Cambridge’s Green Energy Transition.

  • Promote green economic development, allowing us to build the future our children deserve, while supporting manufacturing and industry for the green jobs of tomorrow.
  • Deliver a real living wage and job security for youth and workers engaged in the necessary shift to our low-carbon future.
  • Redirect the over $3 billion in annual fossil fuel subsidies to fund public green initiatives.

Electoral Reform.

Canadians want electoral reform.

The Liberals promised electoral reform, and then backed out when it became clear that Canadians wanted proportional representation, and the Liberals didn’t.

Scott, with the NDP, will listen to Canadians (and the experts, who agree!)and fight for real electoral reform to make every vote count.

No more broken promises.

A New Deal for People.

For more information on the NDP’s committments to you, check out the official platform here.