Recently elected in a by-election in October, 2020, Scott has accomplished much in less than two years on city council! 

Scott researched, wrote, and passed many motions at City Council after hearing YOUR concerns and then taking action to remedy problems and concerns.

Please click on one of these topics, or scroll down below, to learn more about initiatives Scott took, including:

Scott researched, wrote, and passed City Council motions on:

Myers Road Safety

I fought hard to increase school and pedestrian safety, reaching across city and Regional governments to install road bollards, road stencils, safer pedestrian crossings, etc.–more-on-the-horizon-cambridge-councillor-gets-small-victory-but-fight-continues-for-myers-road/

School Speed Limits

Working with parents, we reduced speed-limits at Moffat Creek and Holy Spirit Schools to 40km/h.


To help the crises of homelessness and housing, I passed a motion to bring tiny homes to Cambridge!


To support community-building and local businesses, my ‘placemaking’ motion increases our river trails, parks, artistic installations, and beautifies city cores!

Branchton Rd/Dundas St (Hwy 8) Intersection

All of council supported my request to Waterloo Region to add an intersection and a pedestrian crossing here ASAP!

Fighting Climate Change

 I fought to establish 50/30 Climate Targets for Cambridge, in line with the global scientific consensus.

Caring for Our Seniors

I am rejuvenating a forgotten program to help seniors, and residents with cognitive and physical issues, clear away winter snow through the help of paid volunteers!

Boosting Democracy

To help those in need and inspire trust in elected officials, I requested free public transit by the GRT on election days so everyone’s voice can be heard. According to cost estimates, it would add only cents to a tax bill, while boosting polling numbers and reminding all residents that elected officials truly want them to vote, and will do as much as possible to get them to the polls!–a-huge-boost-cambridge-councillor-wants-city-to-spearhead-plan-to-increase-voter-turnout/

Watch the video of Scott on a Televised Podcast program describing his motion:

Here is an opinion piece I wrote for the Cambridge Times about what the real mentality and ethos of Cambridge is!