Thank you to the Cambridge residents that have endorsed my campaign! Below, you will find why they support ‘Scott Hamilton for Ward 7!’

Pat Singleton (Former Executive Director of the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank)

“As a longtime Ward 7 resident, I am excited to endorse Scott Hamilton as our next city councillor. 

Scott really listens to Ward 7, and has already gone out of his way to help residents with their issues. He would be fantastic representing us in City Hall. But what impressed me is how Scott reaches out to everyone (young & older adult)in Cambridge, regardless of their political party, opinion, and background. 

He cares about the city and its residents, and he puts the time and effort in to help others, understand their perspectives, and learn. He is humble, patient, and down-to-Earth. Anyone can approach him and talk with him, whether it’s about politics, philosophy, sports, or local issues. Importantly, Scott is very positive and inclusive: he sees the best in the city and its residents, and he wants to build us all up to make a great future for Cambridge. 
With his proven work ethic and intelligence, it’s clear he can think critically about complex issues to reconcile differences and move the city forward.

I am excited to vote for Scott on March 23rd. Please tell your friends and neighbours about him, and let’s make this dynamic young man our next city councillor.” – Pat Singleton

CJ Janzen (2019 Bernice Adams Memorial Award Winner; Award-winning Cambridge Toastmaster & Motivational Speaker)

“On March 23, 2020 Scott Hamilton – Ward 7, Cambridge is seeking to be your City Counsellor. 

The byelection was call after the passing of Frank Monteiro.

I fully endorse Scott after working with him throughout last years election process. I watched Scott time and again stop and listen to everyone around him. Visiting the most rural and urban parts of our city. He is a caring and dedicated man, with solid morals who can bring great talents and gifts to the role of City Councillor. 

Check him out and consider recommending him to your friends who live in Ward 7!

I am looking forward to seeing him in office making a difference in our city.” – CJ Janzen

Lisa Marie Mariano-Amaral (Owner and Operator of a Small Local Business)

“Had a great morning with the team behind Scott Hamilton for Ward 7 Councillor. My first time canvasing and handing out flyers in my ward.

Regardless of if you’re a resident of Ward 7 or not, we need Scott representing us in city council. He really listens, is genuine, and means what he says and understands the direction Cambridge really needs to go, and how we can work together in a non partisan way to solve our cities issues.

I will be handing out flyers and going door to door so if you see me or someone from the team dont hesitate to say hi and voice your concerns or ask where Scott stands on issues that matter to you. Contact me if you want to get involved. It’s 5 minutes at the poll for peace of mind that we will be well represented in Ward 7 and Cambridge as a whole. Get out and vote. It matters!” – Lisa Marie Mariano-Amaral