I am running for re-election to be your City Councillor because my family, and its future in Cambridge, has inspired me to create a better community for all of us to live, grow, and prosper in.

From the recreation complex to new developments, roads, street safety and school parking, to infrastructure, water issues, homelessness and addictions in our cores, helping small businesses, enacting strong environmental protections, and any residential and city need — I am invested in making Ward 7 and our city reach its true potential by working collaboratively with other councillors, the Region, and the province, towards a positive vision of our shared future.

I pledge to Ward 7 residents to continue to provide energetic, visionary, and non-partisan leadership that unifies Cambridge as a community.

Cambridge is our home. We are all in this together.

Here is an opinion piece for the Cambridge Times that I wrote after the 2020 Ward 7 by-election. In short: Cambridge, we are more unified, positive, and hopeful, than we are usually told! 🙂

This was an op-ed that I wrote for the Cambridge Times in late-October, 2020, after the by-election ended. In short: let’s focus on the many shared, positive aspects of our community, rather than let the occasional difference divide us.